We got a grant! New and improved programs being developed for summer 2019

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Outreach Purpose

WESA Radio covers Ammon’s Head Lifeguard, Charles, our favorite super hero

Great article and interviews in the main-stream media about Pittsburgh’s Hill District super-star, Charles Bonner, Citiparks Ammon’s Head Lifeguard.

Be sure to read and listen to the coverage.


Charles at side of pool where SKWIM happens
That’s Charles doing command and control. If you look close at the photo, notice the bottom left corner and the SKWIM fins. The guy in the hat in the pool holding a SKWIM disk is Coach Mark Rauterkus. Another SKWIM disk is visible on the bottom right of the frame. Charles is pointing past Coach and to the SKWIM Goal, not visible in the image.



Call to participate, video shout out. Summer’s not over yet!

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Public Relations

Showing up is more than half the struggle.


Assistance welcome

Share your insights on how to get the word out about these events as we want to engage more people at the pool in August.

Head Lifeguard, Charles, a Pittsburgh gem we can follow.

Animation of a dive
Charles teaching the dive in the deep end.

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Invite letter for group leaders

Feel free to copy, cut, and paste and edit this as an email to send to your potential team.

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We want you to be a part of our squad at a fun, pop-up-styled, aquatic event that features some water-safety insights as well as a new team-based game called SKWIM.

Plus, this gives us a chance to support:

  • inter-generational play,
  • Citiparks pools,
  • local lifeguard aspirations,
  • personal fitness,
  • the life-saving sport of swimming,
  • city-living and Hill District Neighborhood vibrancy,
  • community engagement,
  • a mentoring mission,
  • the continuation of new, summer experiences in August,
  • and, of course,
  • clean, water-smart, concussion-free, RECREATION.

We’re trying to gather everyone together by 3:30 pm at the Citiparks Ammon Outdoor Swim Pool. Try to arrive on time as the session begins with a 30-minute clinic. Then our team will play two 30-minute games with up to 20 people per team. Subs are wonderful! Ends within 2-hours. Optional extra swimming after.

Ammon is an outdoor pool, so events occur weather permitting. If it storms, the pool will be closed.

Citiparks Ammon is at the corner of Bedford Ave and Memory Lane, Pittsburgh’s Hill District, 15219. Info & map.

Use the next link to sign-up so that the hosts have permission to use photos, and just in case:

Then sign in for the squad and to see who else is opting in.

INSERT URL HERE for players to commit to the DATE:


On behalf of the organizers, Charlie (head lifeguard at the pool) and Coach Mark, THANKS for the consideration.

More insights on the event: .


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