Purpose for the Water Safety Events with SKWIM

Because we can celebrate summer-time city-life with a Community SKWIM Tournament

  • To share water-safety topics with citizens.
  • To build additional activities at Ammon Pool in August 2018.
  • To better utilize certain sections of the large swim pool are not busy in afternoons and evenings in August.
  • To blend in SKWIM and water polo with pool patrons in an organized setting.
  • To¬† pilot a SKWIM house league for possible expansion in future years at other Citiparks pools.
  • To promote fun, competitive events that can improve swimming skills and endurance so more kids can one day become lifeguards.
  • To stress sportsmanship, new friendships, inter-generational play among various groups.
  • To make up for a lack of student-swim opportunities in 2018’s Summer Dreamers Academy.
  • To provide athletes of various sports a cool-temperate fitness setting during August’s summer-time heat.
  • To generate additional gate receipts for sustaining Citiparks pool operations.
  • To provide swimmers, triathletes and lap-swimmers game-time experiences so they may one day turn into water polo players and eventually join the Pittsburgh Renegades Water Polo Team.
  • To give suburban visitors another reason to visit Pittsburgh’s Hill District besides for a Penguins game or concert at PPG Paints Arena.

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